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Welcome to Design Made Simple, LLC, your premier destination for exceptional luxury kitchen and bath design!

At DMS, we are passionate about transforming your living spaces into beautiful, functional, and inspiring areas that truly reflect your unique style and needs. With years of experience and a dedicated team of talented designers and craftsmen, we specialize in designing and building stunning kitchens and baths that exceed your expectations. 

Margaret Robinson

Born into the construction world, I unknowingly found my passion early, trekking through job sites with my father and big brother, who were masons. Soaking in the marvel of turning mud into breathtaking structures. Yet, after diving into computer science for a couple of years, I realized that my heart wasn’t in coding behind a desk. Even a stint in banking left me searching for that feeling of "home" in a career.

So, I ventured back to the roots of construction, delving into the nitty-gritty of excavation and site preparation for a decade. Then, a serendipitous leap led me to a tile and remodeling company, where I discovered the art of crafting dream spaces from beautiful materials. That was a turning point. I realized that I didn’t just want to design spaces; I wanted to infuse them with the love and passion I had for construction.

That’s when Design Made Simple, a luxury kitchen and bath design firm, was born. Fueled by a vision to specialize in transforming kitchens and baths, I’ve found immense joy in reviving these spaces. It might sound a bit whimsical, but remodeling these areas breathes new life not just into homes but into the lives of the people who dwell in them.

The sheer excitement and energy that fill the air upon completing a project, especially a kitchen renovation, are infectious. It’s like a carnival, with folks eagerly anticipating the demolition day, neighbors dropping by to check on progress, and families rearranging schedules just to witness the final reveal. It’s this atmosphere of joy and anticipation that fuels my happiness.

If someone had predicted this would be my journey a decade back, I’d have doubted it. Yet, here I am. I’ve discovered my "home" within the homes of my clients, and I couldn’t be happier.

Cindy Gann

My  journey into the world of construction and design began in a rural Georgia town, sparked by the simplicity of my surroundings and the imaginative play with my cousins. Sweeping house plans from pine needles laid the foundation for a passion that eventually led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business marketing, national interior design certification, and a career in home construction and design. 

My husband and I have built over 30 homes together with our own construction and design company. My experience in creating beautiful homes from inception to completion caters to the unique needs of clients' home design/build projects for both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The home construction process can be overwhelming during a renovation or new home build, whether choosing materials, configuring door swings or light placement, managing and scheduling time, and so on.  This experience and passion allow me to cater to clients pursuing their own custom home goals.

With two decades of experience, my aim is to turn clients' hopes and needs into reality by crafting their spaces. I value the evolution of design but am also driven to exceed client expectations. To see a family member, friend, or client at the end of a project not only satisfied with their end result of their home project, but excited, is what makes it such a  fulfilling profession and, in turn, makes me thankful for my rural roots and beginnings. 

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