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E-Design Services


Our innovative method of Design Services will let you, the client, channel your inner Designer talents.... or not.  Those clients who thrive on pinterest and have multiple boards for every room but need a professional to make the final call on the textures, arrangements and product selections. This service is for you.  For the client who rather spend spare time with in-laws then figure out why vertical blinds work better in a space then horizontal.  Then this service is for you. And for those who are truly on a restricted budget but want their space to look and feel as it has been kissed by the Design Fairy. Then this service is made for you! Now, how does this service work?  The entire interior design process is conducted via email.  See below for more detailed instructions.  The time line for e-design varies based on the scope of the project (many rooms take approximately two weeks with good client communication!). Once the design plan is complete, you will receive a shopping list with links for the products that you can purchase and install on your own time frame.  If you even clicked on page then E-Design is for you.  Now let's get started.

Services: Service
Large Drawing Room



DESIGN MADE SIMPLE provides this service to all clients. This is part of a big initiative that aims to come up with ideas for projects that are smart and fully sustainable. As a renowned architect, this professional is invested in using their skills to make the world a better place, one project at a time.

Interior Modern Brick House



This service is inspired by the perceived importance of creating a lasting visual and functional impact on all projects that DESIGN MADE SIMPLE works on. This focus is present from the preliminary design right up to the proposal phase. All clients are aware of this professional’s devotion to smart and functional cities.

Modern Bedroom



Form and function are two elements that are present in the planning process of every project that DESIGN MADE SIMPLE takes on. It’s easy to build something pretty, but the real challenge lies in optimizing both the beauty and the functionality of newly designed structures. This service contributes to the overarching goal of the architect, who aims to improve lives through smart design.

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